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AV06 Illuminations. Large-scale generative projection.
06.05.30: As promised: I have added video to the documentation of the AV.06 Illuminations.
AV06 Illuminations. Large-scale generative projection.
06.05.26:Finally: Documentation of the AV.06 Illuminations piece I did in March is online. Video will be added very soon.
Accessing del.icio.us with Processing.
06.05.15: OFFF in Barcelona was amazing, as was the Extend: Advanced Processing workshop I did with Casey Reas, Ben Fry and Zach Lieberman. To be working shoulder to shoulder with them and some very talented workshop participants was very inspiring. Have a look at my new Code & form blog for more information about the workshop.

The best part of festivals is always meeting people, and I'm very happy to have met such excellent people as Marcos Weskamp, Jonathan Harris, Craig Swann, Drew Trujillo, Erik Natzke and a slew of others for the first or second time. My thanks go to Jose Luis de Vicente in particular for being instrumental in setting this up.

Also new: An interview I did with Artifial.dk which went online a week ago. As always, Kristine and Thomas are generous and right on target with their approach.
Generator.x: The concert tour
06.04.24: The Generator.x concert tour of Norway is now underway. Performers are Frank Bretschneider, Lia, Emi Maeda, Phonophani and myself. In all we will perform in 7 Norwegian cities, with 3 concerts already done. See Flickr for photos from the tour so far.

I am performing with Phonophani. As usual, I have created a custom sound-responsive performance system for the tour. See Flickr for sketches.
ElectroPlastique #2. Generative visuals.
06.04.03: I have just put up more documentation of the new ElectroPlastique #2 piece, including a video and installation view from Club Transmediale.

In other exciting news, information has just gone live about the EXTEND: Advanced Procesing Workshop I will be involved with in Barcelona for the OFFF festival next month. The workshop will be led by Casey Reas, Ben Fry, Zach Lieberman and myself, and will focus on advanced topics. Should be interesting.
Flickr: AV.06 Festival, Newcastle
06.03.08: Currently in London after a successfull and pleasant stay at the AV.06 festival in Newcastle. I have put up a Flickr set of my work at AV06, including the new realtime projection piece I did for the spectacular Sage Gateshead venue. And if you're a fan of Alva Nota / Carsten Nicolai, have a look at the video I uploaded of his concert.
Flickr: Sketches
06.02.24: I'm working on a projection for the AV.06 festival next week, and as an experiment I am Flickr'ing sketches as I work. So far I am fairly pleased with the systems I'm creating. See the Sketches set on Flickr.

In some ways this project is revisiting my 3D graphics roots, see Particleanim for reference, a piece that is nearly 10 years old). But now it's realtime 3D form, using Processing and OpenGL to create very efficient results with high framerates even in fullscreen mode. An interesting new direction.

(Note to self: Must finish EvolutionZone blog soon..)
Accessing del.icio.us with Processing.
06.02.19: Posted a hack on processinghacks.com about how to access del.icio.us with Processing. Processinghacks is a great new site from Tom Carden and Karsten Schmidt, offering advanced tips for Processing users.
Flickr: Generator.x in Stavanger
06.01.16: The Generator.x exhibition has opened in Stavanger. I have duly blogged and Flickr'ed the event, which included a concert with local heroes QRT, HOH and NES, with visuals by Gisle Frøysland and myself.
Flickr: Sketches
06.01.11: Flickr'ed some sketches for a version of System_C for display at Grand Casino Brussels.
Call for Participation: Tangible Code
06.01.05: More social networking tools, this time it's video: I've created an account on Vimeo to keep clips etc. Seems like the perfect complement to Flickr, there's even an integration from VImeo's side.
Call for Participation: Tangible Code
06.01.04: I've posted a call for participation for a workshop Erich Berger and I will be teaching in Oslo in February. The workshop will teach artists to integrate software they've written themselves with physical computing platforms, using Arduino and Prcoessing.
Flickr: Sketches
06.01.04: As I suspected, Flickr has turned out to be addictive. I've just uploaded a set of sketches, some of which are in preparation for a new piece called ElectroPlastique #2. You can see ElectroPlastique #1 on Unlekker.
VJ book
06.01.03: Happy New Year. Xárene Eskandar has emailed to say that there's a site online for her VJ book: "'vE-"jA: 'The Art and Culture of Live Audio/Video". I wrote an essay on clip-based VJ'ing vs. a generative instrumental approach based on custom software instruments. The book should be out in April.
Flickr photos.
05.12.20: I've been Flickr'ing. Check these sets: Club Transmediale 2005, ElectroHype 2004, Mississippi 2005.
ElectroPlastique. 4-screen temporal composition.
05.12.23: I'm excited. It looks like I will create a followup to ElectroPlastique #1, this time for realtime projection. It'll premiere at Club Transmediale 2006, where I will also hopefully get to show the Universal Digest Machine.
Flickr photos.
05.12.20: I've finally succumbed to the temptation of setting up a Flickr account and putting some pictures of shows etc. up. So far there are photos from the Generator.x conference, Ars Electronica 2003, the Vattenfall media facade launch and a show in Iceland.

Oh, and I plan to turn Evolutionzone into a blog. Yes, even more distractions. Whee.
AmoebaAbstracts 1-3. Computational animations
05.12.17:Visualcomplexity has listed my Abstracts in their collection as part of their "unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks". In case you don't know it, the Visualcomplexity site documents many great visualization projects.

I'm honored to be in such excellent company, even if this seems to be a departure from most of what they usually post. My abstracts are purely visual abstractions, not visualizations. See the Visualcomplexity page for the Abstracts.
Neon Organic. Facade projection.
05.11.18: Neon Organic will be shown at the FLUX event this evening at Club 11, Amsterdam. The club has a wonderful 6 screen projection setup, and I've produced a slightly modified version for panoramic projeciton. Look forward to seeing footage of this, thanks to Craig from Crash!Media for the invitation.

Last week System_C was shown in the MINE exhibition in the limestone caves of Thingbæk, Denmark. Thomas Petersen of artificial.dk has posted some pictures from the event.
System_C. Installation for time-based drawing.
05.10.23: Paul posted some nice documentation of the Estrategias Generativas show on Transphormetic. Following his lead, I blogged it on Generator.x today.
System_C. Installation for time-based drawing.
05.10.16: Still in Tenerife. The Estrategias Generativas show went well, between Paul and myself we created a maxed-out visual space. My thanks to Miriam Durango, director of the Circulo Bellas Artes, as well as supporting staff Gilberto and Alicia for all help and hospitality. Other interesting Tenerifans include the guys at Elementhal, their Eolica festival looks great.

System_C was updated to v.1.1 due to tinkering with it to present better in a single-screen form. Will put some documentation up next week.
System_C. Installation for time-based drawing.
05.10.12: Off to Tenerife, Spain to do a show at Circulo Bellas Artes, with Paul Prudence of dataisnature. We've never met in person, but if his excellent blog is anything to go by we should have a fine time. Will be showing a slightly revamped version of System_C and most probably Neon Organic..
Interview with Marius Watz on Artificial.dk
05.10.06: This is a few weeks old, but I forgot to post it in the frenzy that was Generator.x: Thomas Petersen of Artificial.dk did an interview with me about generative art, it's available for reading on their site. I have several upcoming shows in the next few weeks, locations including Tenerife, Oslo, and Aalborg.
Generator.x conference and exhibition on generative art and design.
05.10.05: The Generator.x event is done. I'm tired, but relieved that for the most part it was a huge success.

Lots of things happening this month, last week I was in Helsinki and right now I'm in Bergen to present at the symposium "Hybrid Practices in Art & Design". Shows in Tenerife, Brussels and Denmark are coming up in the next few weeks.
SimplePostscript 0092. Postscript from Processing.
05.09.06: I've updated the SimplePostscript library to version 0092, making it Processing BETA-compliant.

The full event programme for Generator.x is now online, download the PDF. I've also created a del.icio.us RSS feed display for Generator.x.
Neon Organic. Facade projection.
05.08.31: The premiere of Neon Organic was last Saturday. I've uploaded some photographs of it.displayed on the facade. Vattenfall, the company who commissioned it, decided to have the audience vote for their favorite between the 3 contributing artists. Neon Organic won, so now it will have the privilege of being displayed solo for 6 months, after which it will be shown in rotation with the two other pieces.

I'm of course flattered, but to be honest I think it's Vattenfall's loss to do it that way. The other pieces (one by Lia and one by Markus Lerner and Andre Stubbe) are really good, and ultimately they would complement each other.

Neon Organic. Facade projection.
05.08.20: Just posted a new multi-screen projection piece called Neon Organic. It's for the facade of Vattenfall headquarters in Berlin. I worked on an animation for the same facade last year with Andreas Schlegel, there's some documentation of that too.
Generator.x conference and exhibition on generative art and design.
05.06.15: The Generator.x blog is finally live. Generator.x is a conference and exhibition on generative art and design that I am organizing in Oslo, Norway. It's the biggest single project I've done for a long time, and hopefully will be an exciting event for the generative scene.

Confirmed speakers and artists include Casey Reas, Golan Levin, Lia, Martin Wattenberg, Sebastian Oschatz and many more. For a full breakdown, see the blog. For those of you who have been looking for an excuse to visit Norway, this would be a good one...
ElectroPlastique. 4-screen temporal composition.
05.06.05: New work online: ElectroPlastique is a temporal composition for 4-screen projection, inspired by the work of Victor Vasarely and created for the Territoires Electroniques festival at the Fondation Vasarely in Aix-en-Provence. Thanks to the organizers Biomix and all the great people at the Dalbin visual music label.

The festival included some truly top-notch live visuals performers: Niko Stumpo, Pfadfinderei, Steffi & Steffi, Kinga and Francois Chalet. It was a pleasure to do a visual set with NYC house legend Francois K in such excellent company. Pictures from my set are here.
GasWorks 1-3. Computational animations.
05.05.28: The exhibition Generative-x is part of the onedotzero9 festival at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, and focuses on artists and designers working with computational aestetics. The show features work by Daniel Brown, Casey Reas, Lia, Ben Fry, Golan Levin, Zach Lieberman, James Tindall, Ed Burton, Paul Brown and yours truly. I'm showing my GasWorks 1-3 piece .
Universal Digest Machine
05.05.23: The Prix Ars Electronica winners were announced today, and my Universal Digest Machine in the Net Vision category was given an honorary mention. More importantly, Processing won the Golden Nica in the same category. Congratulations to Ben and Casey for a well-deserved recognition of their hard work. The jury also awarded a special prize to the BitTorrent project.
Video for Cronica Electronica DVD.
05.05.19: New video visualizing a sound piece for the DVD compilation "Essays on Radio: Can I have two minutes of your time?" on the Cronica Electronica label.
Peter Ström's great work.
05.04.23: Working hard on a couple of new projects, including one for the Nobel Peace Center. My Swedish buddy Peter Ström has moved to Amsterdam and has published a new blog with some truly excellent work. Must see: burnfield.com/peter/work/
Nike Women Aura Project. Illustrations.
05.04.19: Posted documentation of an illustration project I did for Nike Women Asia last year: Nike Women Aura Project.

In other exciting news, the long-awaited Processing Beta is now official, with OpenGL support and many new features. Download from the Processing web site.

"A book designed to help"
is now out on Die Gestalten. One of my amoebaAbstract print pieces is included. Proceeds go to victims of the tsunami disaster in Asia. Get good design and karma points by buying it...
Universal Digest Machine
05.03.11: Full documentation of the Universal Digest Machine including live webcam, display of the receipts printing in the exhibition and archive of all receipts now online. I'm excited,

The exhibition "Today in Paradise - Genetics & Art" opens in Gothenburg 25 March. I will be showing GasWorks 1-3 in a DVD version.
Pilgrim Visuals steals image.
05.03.08: UPDATE: Pilgrim Visuals have apologized for the unlicensed use of my image on their web site. It was an external freelancer who had designed the graphic in question. You can read about the whole thing on the Pilgrim Forums in this thread.

Yesterday I discovered that the guys over at Pilgrim Visuals have been using one of my illustrations to promote their Pilgrim R2 VJ software. The original is here, the stolen version can be seen on their web site. They even had the nerve to use if for the startup image of their software, which inevitably becomes a branding of their product.

While appropriation of images is popular in the VJ scene, stealing from other artists is always beyond the pale. I have sent them an email asking for the removal of the graphic and a public apology. You can read more in this thread on their forum.

Transmediale visuals video.
05.03.06: Finally put online the video from the Club Transmediale visuals. Also check out TinyLittleElements' video of their work from that night.
Universal Digest Machine
05.02.08: Preliminary documentation of a new project is up: Universal Digest Machine is a web spider with an industrial thermal printer as the display device. More info will be added soon.

The visuals at Club Transmediale last Friday went well, great to have had a chance to work with Lia and Sebastian from TinyLittleElements...
System_C. Installation for time-based drawing.
05.01.27: Electrohype 2004 finished last weekend, and System_C has stopped running after completing over 300 images during the exhibition run. The piece will be shown at the Club Transmediale 8 February and again at the smaller version of Electrohype in Gothenburg 19 Feb - 17 Apr.

Next week I will be installing a new installation based on a web spider I am writing as we speak. It's a cliche I know, but it's really fun to write. And yes, it does obey robots.txt rules...

Support Electrohype.
05.01.20: Sad news: Swedish media art curators Electrohype will have to shut down their activities due to lack of funding. Their application for support from Malmö Kommune has been turned down despite their prolific projects, often done on low budgets. It's a great irony that they have been turned right at the moment, when they have the very successful Electrohype 2000 show at Malmö Konsthall.

To support them, please visit this page.
Presentation at FH Potsdam.
05.01.11: I will give a presentation of my work to the interface design students at FH Potsdam on Thursday. My friend and excellent designer Boris Müller teaches the class and has invited me to ramble on a bit about generative strategies. And if you've never seen his Poetry on the Road projects, you might as well see them now.
220 pixels. Flash animation.
05.01.05: Quick-and-dirty Flash animation: 220 pixels. For the online art zine Localmotives.
05.01.04: Happy new year! It's back to work in AmoebaLand, my broken hand is healing and I have much to do. An appearance at Club Transmediale is in the works, doing visuals for the first night with Lia. Should be fun.

The guys from Atmosferas did a follow-up on my Processing workshop and asked the participants to do Christmas animations. Some nice work there.